Got my copy of Toll the Hounds

Not much to report, I got my copy from Amazon to Italy of Erikson’s last tome in its UK hardcover edition. Huge.

I can’t do much with the book as even looking at the Dramatis Personae is filled with spoilers. 923 pages fully written, longest book in the series (will likely break the 1300 pages in MM if they keep the same format they used till now). The extras are a bit scarce, no appendices and two maps of two cities (Darujhistan is the same old, Black Coral is, I think, new, but it doesn’t show a whole lot of detail).

On the other hand lots of people are reading through the book, so comments are starting to appear. They say it’s one of the best “written” book in the series and a kind of ‘calm before the storm’, where the storm is supposed to the the epilogue of this long series in the form of book 9 and 10. Lots of minor and major characters coming back and plots being resumed.

Cryptic comment from Werthead, whose review I’ll expect soon (and he was not exactly a fanboy, so interesting to see what he thinks on this one):

Took me a few chapters to work out what the fabled ‘new writing device’ Erikson was employing for this book, and when I did I saw how subtle it was. Quite intriguing.

But don’t tell me what it is. I’ll probably have a full year of dodging spoilers ahead of me…

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