Toll the Hounds early comments

I’m past halfway through “Deadhouse Gates” and it’s really buckets of awesome.

In the meantime I hunt restlessly for non-spoiler comments on the later books. Since I’m stuck with Erikson for a very long time, I also crave some perspective on what comes later. One can only hope the best is yet to come.

So lately I read a review of book 6, “The Bonehunters”, repeating again that the book is overlong. A common theme among forumers and reviewers that I’ve yet to experience. Book 1 for me needed about 200 more pages to feel less confused and better paced, especially toward the end. Book 2 instead has a truly perfect structure. Perfectly balanced, paced and executed. But then I’m only past page 500 and I need to see how it works toward the end.

“Toll the Hounds” should have a review next week from Pat. Longest book in the series, so far, and Pat doesn’t seem to like it too much this time, especially the pacing:

Okay, 412 pages into it and I must say that TtH is the slowest Malazan book to “get going” yet. You can see that SE is setting quite a few pieces on the board and there are a number of pleasant surprises, but I think that some readers might have issues with the pace.

Oh there’s a convergence coming, have no fear. . .

And there are many, many guests invited to this dance!

572 pages into TtH, and the book still hasn’t kicked into gear, though. . .

I particularly enjoy the two Tiste Andii POVs, which gives us some insight into Anomander Rake’s past, the clash with Mother Dark, the civil war in Kurald Galain, etc. The Tiste Andii have always been very intriguing, and even though these two characters are new to the series, they are very interesting…

On the other hand an advance reader keeps the hopes very high:

This is his best, most mature book, imo – including his efforts outside the genre. If this book doesn’t reach you emotionally then there’s something deply wrong with you IMO. Until I read that he’s a fan of Robin Hobb, I was tentative about what I am about to say (haven’t even said it to him) but one of the impressions that stuck in my mind after finishing this manuscript was that he had out-Hobbed Robin Hobb. It’s weird because I don’t like Robin Hobb all that much but the emotional content makes it worthwhile for me. Her worldbuilding is shite, the plot is generally lame and predictable, but certain chracters I genuinely care about and want to see come through the other side, happier and healthier amidst the tragedies of their respective lives. And some don’t make it.

That’s all for now.

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