Books at my door – April, second part – aka book narcissism


I was impatiently waiting this package from I’m still in the earliest pages of the second book of Erikson, but I wanted to pile all seven of them, in the same edition, and just gawk for a while. That seventh book is fresh of print, as it came out just now in its UK paperback/MM edition.

When you hold it in your hands, Reaper’s Gale, with its 1260 pages, you wonder how Erikson could write it in less than 10 months. And write it with a 1000+ pages book one after the other. At the expense of quality? We’ll see.

There’s also a new map with the whole empire of Lether.

So I made this HUGE pile of the seven books, and it’s really spectacular. When it will have the three missing volumes it will be undoubtedly one of the biggest achievements in the genre, even if you aren’t an Erikson supporter. It’s not books, it’s treasure!

Then there’s also the trade paperback edition of “Last Arguments of Kings”. HUGE, massive. About 80 pages fatter than the second. Had to skim again through the book to understand the title (which is a quote from an inscription on a cannon, so you understand the humor behind it).

I know I’ll love that book, and I’ll have to force myself to read it soon (I have an habit to delay the best things, to keep them last).

In the meantime a third book joins my daily reads: The Road by Cormac McCarthy. But it is a 200 pages book, written big. I’m already at page 80 and expect to finish it in a few more days.

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