Mediawiki needs this

Mediawiki is the engine of the well known Wikipedia, that you can download to make your own specialized thing.

I installed it because I figured out that I could keep my notes about Erikson’s books (I started now) better organized. I know there’s already a wiki for it, but the first page I opened was filled with spoilers.

So I decided to install one here locally where I transcribe my notes. Then I also thought how it could eventually be made useful to others. Because in the end it would bring the same problems of the other.

My idea is not too complex, but I wish to know some php programming to make it work. Basically you use a “cookie” on the browser with the user preferences. These preferences are: book read, and page. The idea is that Wiki only shows all the informations that are part of what you read. For example if you are at page 300 of book 4, you’ll see all that is known till that point, with the rest hidden.

And on the side of the wikipedia you make this work with simple syntax, so that you write down on the wiki adding page and books tag. So for example you are writing an entry about a character and divide each section with updates and new information with a book & page tag, so that this ideal module would them display only “safe” infos.

Now I’m wondering about a compromise, to obtain a similar result, but without php programming…

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