Scott Hartsman quits SOE

So we have the first half of the news.

For those who doesn’t know he was the live Producer of Everquest 2 and did his job the very best possible from what I’ve seen. He became producer after launch, so can’t be blamed for what happened before, even if I think he was Technical Director before that, so maybe he had some blame on that front. In any case I admired him for his way of dealing and talking with the community. He always answered the critics with moderation and honesty and this is not something that happens rarely, it NEVER happens.

Since I have no need to write presentation letters for colleagues like Lum (wink) why I’m writing this? Simply because I’m curious. I have esteem for him and curious to know where he ends up. I doubt he would have quit the job if he didn’t have a backup ready.

I guess we’ll read soon the other half of the news. In a press release? Or maybe on his blog.

My guess is Curt Shilling.

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