Dwarf Fortress new version out

After almost a year of full-time development, the new version is released.

Lots of stuff probably changed. The most notable new features are the multiple z-axis levels and variable environments.

I was a bit worried about the z-axis levels because they could mess too much an already complicated game, especially because it’s simply impossible to present intuitively “height” when you have an ASCII interface. But this new feature doesn’t seem too intrusive and once you figure out how it works you can navigate through it easily without feeling baffled. The new environments instead are *awesome*. Instead of having always the same default outdoor layout (and predictable gameplay development), this time the environments depend on where you pick the location for the settlement. So not always you have a cliff face, or a river. But then you also have increasing possibilities, like digging down. It’s much more a sandbox now. More freedom and variation. New powerful toys to figure out.

I’m still trying to relearn the whole thing, so I can’t comment much more.

Just two short tips:

Shift+< and Shift+> To move through z-axis levels

To dig down: (d)esignate a “downward stairway”, go down one level, (d)esignate an “upward stairway” and a dwarf will then appear in the lower level

Now if only I could figure out why I can’t use any seed on my farm plot…

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