Pretty covers

If you never read Glen Cook’s Black Company, then wait another couple weeks.

When you become passionate about certain kinds of books you also get emotional about nice editions and covers.

In this case, a new omnibus edition of the first three books (the three best) is coming out (the 13 November) with a pretty cover:


ADDENDUM: I found a blog post about the artist. Name is Raymond Swanland.

A plea: can we have a new edition of the whole Malazan saga (Steven Erikson, 10 books) with covers done by the same artist? That would be absolutely awesome.

By the way, “Reaper’s Gale” US cover isn’t so bad if you look at it in its original format (browse around for some pretty dragons and a Warcraft’s blood elf). Imho he has a too “clean” style to fit well Erikson.

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