Music Interlude

For me Gomez are better than The Beatles. No one nowadays has their versatility and absolutely fascinating swing. And Ben Ottewell has The Voice. God in music.

They now have a decent website and they released a while ago a 2 CDs compilation of B Sides and rarities that packs their VERY BEST stuff. I always said that their rare songs were their best.

It also has one pretty cover:

EDIT: Woot! The second CD starts with the acoustic version of “Rhythm and Blues Alibi”. That’s one hell of a song.
EDIT2: Okay, last edit. iTunes has an exclusive worldwide “Live Session EP” with six songs. Go there and shill $1 for “Whippin’ Piccadilly”, because that version is superlative. And if you like it get also “Get Miles”, that’s Ben Ottewel and this version is exceptional again. The guitar in the second half is amazing.

36 songs. If you have iTunes you can go a preview them to have a good taste of their versatility. Or download them from the internet, but just listen all of them in a way or another because they are wonderful. Tomorrow for the first time since years I’ll drive to a CD shop and come out with 2 CDs. The other being Momo’s about which I’ve talked a little bit a while ago.

Today she was again on TV, with one charming song. You can listen it through this site (La Madonna di Pompei), or directly from here.

Listen it till its very end, because it’s there the best part. One little gem. With a vague Yann Tiersen reminescence in the music (the one from Amelie Poulain, I hope you know who she is).

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