Three things

I got the EU copy and already registered/patched it. While Gamestop is kaput (so no US copy for a while, I fear).

Three things:

– The opening screen with the portal has a great impact. The screenshot doesn’t give it justice.

– The musics. Wow. I love the rearranged theme. Epix!

– I gave a look to the credits. The full trio (Pardo, Kaplan/Tigole and Chilton/Kalgan/Evocare) is credited as design lead. While Furor was also promoted and he is now “Lead Quest Designer”. And… Sachant works for WoW? Huh? Last I heard she was with Shadowbane, but the credits list “Danielle Vanderlip” as one of the community managers. That’s her name, right? Or it’s her or someone else I already know. That name isn’t new at all.

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