New kids learning the ropes

From Vanguard’s forums:

There once was a game called Dark & Light. It was supposed to be the MMO to rule them all. It enchanted me with its hype. It was my precious. I told people over and over how good it was going to be. Alas, it was nothing but an illusion conjured up by fanboys and smooth talk by developers. While the game still exists, it’s safe to say that it utterly failed. I thought I was going to be a great pioneer, but all it left me with was the feeling of being a complete fool.

The lesson I learned here was to never ever devote myself blindly to a game without first having at least tried it.

Ahah, everyone has to go through that phase. For me it was “Dawn”, even if at that time devoting yourself would just mean refresh the site every five minutes to wait for the Important Announcement.

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