To Game or not to Game

Hi im new to this website and i havent looked through it throughly enough to see that maybe someone already wrote on the same or almost on the same topic.

What i want to express is my confusion about the world of games ; Single Player , MMO’s or whatever the case may be. I have recently noticed that in the last 6 or so months i havent played a game though would immediately spring into mind if i try to remember a good game that i enjoyed. There just have not been any good games that i remember, if i try to remember further i think of a couple. My point being , is it just me or has the game industry deteriorated ? I mean seriously lets take The Movies or Black and White 2 or one of those “promising titles thats gonna change the way we think about games” , didnt change much for me just the fact that it was total crap. So those failed games were maybe good to someaudiences but now Microsoft bought Lionhead and now they are probably gonna happily stamp clone games for PS3,Xbox and so on … =) The revolutionary game Doom 3 with its new gen graphics bla bla bla ; personally i played the game for 10 minutes and the only thing i liked in it was the flashlight then i erased it and never even thought about installing it again, same with Quake 4 . Im not talking about the complete failure of the multiplayer in those games (my opinion anyway). What else was a big mess up …. hmm almost all the games that have come out recently , EA games im not even going to mention , its not worth it. Last good game i played was Vampire Bloodlines and i didnt sell well enough so Troika went bankrupt , so the way it works is a good company makes a good game and then it goes bankrupt because everybody is playing PS2.

Same story with MMO’s ; Star Wars Galaxies came out and the only way i found out that it was out was from Allakhazam where i was looking for WoW stuff, so that cant tell me its good can it ? Same with The Matrix Online , for the hardcore fans only . WoW i dont know its a confusing game to me, i play it eagerly but at the same time i think that im being spoonfed and there isnt a point to the game . I think WoW’s success lies in the fact that it was such a popular universe before the game was even in concept stage. Blizzard just had to pick out the best of MMORPG’S available to that day and put a Warcraft theme to it. Done. You have a Winner. Nothing original but the most played MMO. No Comments.

This is only my opinion but maybe its right:)

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