About the Final Fantasy XI sequel

Zonk on the hypothetic sequel to FFXI:

With several expansions to the original game already released, and the title available on three platforms, Square/Enix is finally talking about a sequel to Final Fantasy XI.


Anyway, Square pushed out a press release to confirm that they are working on something, but not directly as a sequel to FFXI:

As the Company announced in May 2005, it is currently developing an online title for next-generation platforms including game consoles and PCs; however, this title is being developed as a completely new MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online RPG).

Quite expected. They aren’t going to announce anything without an appropriated, dedicated event (that won’t be anytime soon, knowing how slow they are). And it’s obvious that they are going to start something from zero instead of consolidating and strengthen the world they already created.

I guess this news was supposed to tranquilize those players who started to worry about FFXI, but the truth is the exact opposite. That announce is no less than the announce of the end of FFXI, we don’t know when, but we know it will happen. With a completely new game in development it just means that Square’s resources are being moved and that they don’t believe anymore in the value of FFXI.

Stupid as everyone else. Worlds with expiration dates.

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