Clueless about mmorpgs (LFG global channel)

People all over the internet are ranting about the global LFG channel introduced with the latest patch (1.11.0. btw, I updated the repository) in WoW. For example Tobold and FoH.

As they say: “the sacred cow of the retard rocks has been slaughtered”. Referring to the previous clueless idea of the “meeting stones”. This one about creating a server-wide LFG channel surpassed its stupidity. After MONTHS passed saying that they were actively working on a better solution they definitely deserve some mockery if this is the result.

Quite interesting because with all the praises that WoW’s design receives and deserves, they still cannot get right something as simple and trivial as a LFG system.

My previous article on this topic couldn’t be more actual.

In the past I wrote that you can guess the quality of the design in a mmorpg from its LFG system and I still believe there is some truth in that claim. I always considered these tools as the real core of these games and I think they should be the starting point from where you design a new game. Not a feature that you consider later on, but the very first one around which the rest of the game is built.

While the debate goes on about things belonging to the previous century, let me remind you the *essential*:

It is fundamental for a LFG system to let you search specifically for groups already formed and active (both full or LFM)

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