I started writing a lengthy post to explain more in detail some ideas that I consider particularly important and dear to me but now I’m rather tired and I don’t have the strength to edit it in a final state.

As a teaser I’ll say that it is about the “endgame”. What it is, why we have a word to define it, what is its design purpose and role. How to solve radically the problems it presents. Then ideas and comments on the raid content and one important reason about why WoW’s PvE is still much more “powerful” and successful compared to EQ2, even if it gets old rather quickly.

You can do your homework and answer those questions on your own :)

I started writing after reading on Nerfbat “The Future of the Endgame”. He wrote from a general point of view. I’ll do what he cannot do and go in the concrete details. And solutions.

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