What a big fuss for a name

The discussion about the Nintendo Revolution console renamed “Wii” doesn’t seem to end. Considering the outcome it was definitely a winning move.

It’s from the very beginning that this console is surrounded by hype. It began with the tiny box that seemed to be empty inside, then the controller (btw, in retrospective someone got it right months before it was disclosed in September), now the name. At this moment the Phantom console is probably more solid than this Nintendo thing.

There are speculations about the name not being real and they may be attendible. Nintendo is so crazy that you really cannot say what may be true or not.

But why do we care? It’s just a name, it may be enough to keep marketers entertained for a while, but, as players, I really don’t see what is there to discuss and why so many people are ranting aloud just about the name of a console. There is really anything else more interesting to discuss/joke about?

The real point is that the name is irrelevant. The best thing a console name can do is being recognizable and catchy. This “Wii” does both, even if it sounds silly. At the end only two things will matter and define the success or failure of the console: that the graphic is shiny enough to draw the brief attention of the average gamer and if the games are involving enough to survive the word of mouth.

Honestly a console is just a vehicle and it should be almost irrelevant for a player. It’s all about the games and the number and reputation of the companies that will accept to dedicate themselves to that particular console. In fact the LESS consoles we have around littering the place, the better is for everyone.

The name could be a failure and the console could still be a huge success. What is fun is that the future marketing strategies may be influenced by flawed principles.

Now the problem is that “wii” gives an idea of something tiny, modest, hard to notice. Much better would be a “WOOOOO!” (A Q23 classic “emote”)

What is a “wii”? A weep? The game industry needs to be aggressive and pretentious, not shy and inhibited.

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