Shadowbane runs naked in public! Eww!

Shadowbane is naked. Shadowbane is free.

“Free” as completely free. Free to log in again and play if you canceled long ago, free to create brand new accounts. Free.

Existing users can now open up their Account Manager and their accounts will now be working, allowing them to play Shadowbane for free! This does include those who had previously canceled accounts!

In addition, those who wish to try out Shadowbane for the first time will also be able to. All you have to do is create a new account and then click on Add a Subscription, and you will have free access to the lands of Aerynth! This is not a Free-Trial subscription and it will not run out in 15-days. This is completely free!

No longer will players, existing and new alike, be charged to adventure in the lands of Aerynth!

This means that from now Wolfpack stopped completely to receive any form of income from the players. It’s quite obvious that this is only one half of the “news”. With the other half probably following in the next few days as Sachant anticipates:

The announcement Ashen put up is not the official one we’ve been waiting for. That announcement will have more information for people. You’ll just have to be patient and put your curiosity on ice for now and be happy with free access.

So Shadowbane is free, but it’s the other part of the news to be significant. It’s quite obvious that da money need to come from somewhere and I really cannot imagine what’s their plan. Advertising wouldn’t work, micropayments in a game heavily competitive wouldn’t work. Selling exp pack and chasing Guild Wars? I’m not sure it’s viable. Wolfpack is mirroring Mythic and already working on some sort of sequel. I don’t believe they are going to waste resources on Shadowbane when along these years the support has always been bland.

Or maybe it will be as a bridge to a “Shadowbane 2”? It’s unlikely considering that whatever Wolfpack is cooking should be still in early development, so more in need of founding than empty hype.

I’m curious. Where’s the trick?

(hmm, I wonder where I put the box.. Maybe I should wait to see what’s the deal.)

EDIT: From Ashen Temper, no ads. Still no other half of news, though:

Funny thing is, a player posted about putting in-game ads into the game. Made me think of putting them on the death tunnel (the graphic you see when you are teleported to your bind spot when you die). It could be something like:

This Death has been brought to you by Coke!
While you wait to respawn, now would be a good time to get a Coke and a smile!

Of course, we could then go the Richard Prior version of advertising Coke :D

But to answer your question, no, there are no in-game ads of any sort.

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