DAoC needs a lead designer

I was sleeping, then I woke up and I remembered that there were two things I forgot to write:

1- DAoC needs a lead designer. I don’t care who he is or from where he comes. I don’t care if he is hired from outside or recycled within Mythic but there’s the need for one. One person. One that fills just that role. I don’t care if the position is already somewhat covered by a producer or a content lead. DAoC need someone that does just that. Someone that is responsible for the whole game, that follows and studies it, that is fully, exclusively committed to it and nothing else, that plans and directs both the expansion and the live patches. Someone responsible of a “vision” and where the game goes in the long term, not just from month to month. Someone accountable for the game, who has the duty to understand the game, its weaknesses, its strengths. Someone that keeps track of every element in the game, its systems and revise, reconsider them and decide what new ideas should go in. Someone that talks with the community and dialogues constantly with it, someone whose duty is EXCLUSIVELY this one. Not to write quests, not to write code, not to produce. Just live and breathe game design full time and in the name of this single game. That and only that. Not a group of guys, just one. A pure lead designer. Someone committed and accountable of what the game is and will be. Someone at the wheel who has the duty to understand what is going on and that is responsible of his decisions.

2- No, the Herald Feedback doesn’t work. Using the Herald Feedback is like digging an hole in the ground, put your face into it and talk. Have you seen “In the Mood for Love” of Wong Kar-Wai? It’s the same thing, like telling a secret that will never be told.

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