Does SE really care about RMT ?

I think money has something to do with the way SE handles these things. I believe that money is more important then banning suspected accounts. Seriously they have so much more power in their hands. And yet nothing is done. They make the rules about what is allowed and what is not. They are the ones writing the stuff you have to sign up to when you agree to play. I mean they say botting is illegal. But yet certain players are online 24/7 for months at a time. Years even. There is no logical reason to why these players are allowed to continue to play.

If SE or any other company made it impossible to play for more then 30 hours without logging. They would give the Gilsellers and powerleveling services a big blow.If a gilseller char is beeing prevented from playing for 10 hours. They are loosing money. Because time is money this is the best way I believe to fight the RMT business.

I know that SE has done somethings lately. But why aren’t they doing the logical thing banning the bots ?


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