A better open PvP system for EQ2 or WoW

Latest revision of my idea. As posted on Q23.

Yes, armchair design once again. But this time it’s SHORT. No TL, DR this time. Kay?

A PvP model that would blend at best with a PvE game. Where one part isn’t detrimental to the other and with a goal to create a system that is fun, deep and still easily approachable for non-hardcore players.

Something that could be enjoyable for the majority of the players instead of a small niche.

This is a new PvP system imagined to be plugged directly in either EQ2 or WoW. So this time you don’t need to imagine complicated game schemes that I designed in my head. You just need to pick the game you are more familiar with and imagine this simple idea plugged in.

In the case of WoW I need to override some rules in order to plug my system:
– The Honor System is discarded
– No more points will be awarded for a PvP kill, exactly as it happened before the Honor System was patched in
– The Honor System will be replaced with a new one where you can “spend” PvP points to buy: armor, weapons, crafting recipes, crafting resources, consumables, epic mounts, whatever. And even repairs, reagents and griffin flights. Get more PvP points = get more “currency” to buy this stuff. Pretty straightforward.

In EQ2, also some rules need to be overridden (from their announced plan):
– No xp debt. No Looting of items or gold.
– No restrictions to who you can attack.
– Rewards following the same scheme explained above.

This is the idea. In the shortest way possible I could manage to put it:

– The contested zones have one conquerable “hotspot” each. The players can organize and go cap one, putting their guild flag on it. The hotspots don’t have any NPCs defending them, just players. Once capped all the kills taking place in the proximity of the hotspot will be worth PvP points. Encouraging the PvP action to move away from the PvE hubs (villages, towns, camp spots), so without disrupting the gameplay of those who don’t want to bother.

The longer version is here, explaining the details and the reasonings behind, but here you have already all the essential.

Other related parts:
Explanations, about ganking, rewards, objectives, specialized playstyles and “choice” in PvP.
Possible solutions, about factional balance.

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