PvP honor system – Catass SUPREMACY

This piece is the same written below, but the version I posted on Q23. For redundancy.

“Catass Supremacy” may be as well the title of this “expansion” about the introduction of the honor system and related rewards in World of Warcraft. I really suggest them to publicize it like that.

Blizzard released the honor system plans here.

My opinion is that everything that they could do wrong, went so. The worst nightmares came true.

Not long ago I posted even on this boards my point of view on the actual PvP system, with its strengths, its weaknesses and the possible developments.

The biggest part of the fun is that an encounter is never “set in stone”. You always meet varying situations. You can meet a ganker, you can meet a friendly opponent that may even save your ass. You can just pass by without much bothering and mind your own business. Emergent situations and interesting developments show up each day. The environment is rich and lively.

Forget that:

When these systems are deployed, there will be many more incentives for players to fight each other than just the thrill of the kill.

With this new system the players become Bag Of Improvements. They are tasty meat to satisfy your treadmilled greed (and you’ll see what sort of treadmill).

It will be Kill On Sight EVERYWHERE. No matter what. Dedicated ganking squad will patrol along every zone to raze players attempting a quest. Organized groups of two-three stealthers will block all the main roads and choke points. Zergs of lower level alliance players will invade constantly the nearby zones.

Also, your honor points for the week are a percentage of the total honor points available based on your contribution to your team’s overall effort for that week.

The highest rank of 14, for example, will only be occupied by the top 0.1 percent of players (one in every one-thousand characters). You’ll need to fight furiously and honorably to climb up the ranks of our PvP system and keep it up to stay there.

Goodnight casual player. You’ll always be 0.000000001 of the average catass. You can play for two-fucking-thousands years straight and you’ll still be at rank ONE.

And say goodnight to a proper goal-based reward system. Gank for the win.

Someone also forgot that on the PvE servers you can have both Horde and Alliance characters. Happy farming everyone.
And I hope this is a warrior. Because IT’S NOT a shaman.

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