MMO Rant #4?

Ok, here I poke some fun at Nerfbat.

With a title such as “Please Don’t Clone WoW” you would expect a demand of new ideas, new ways of playing, a different kind of involvement with the game world. A radical, different view.

Instead Nerfbat’s “Please Don’t Clone WoW” is reduced to four points:

1- Less inventory management
2- movable windows
3- A “loot all” button
4- No server queues

In summary, World of Warcraft is not perfect. It is far from perfect. So don’t make a game exactly like WoW under the assumption that they do everything right, because they don’t.

Well, I really hope that the desire for something different isn’t reduced to irrelevant (and questionable) details. And I also hope that people notice the much deeper and relevant problems in WoW’s design.

If you ask me “what kind of MMO would you make right now?”

The answer would be: a fantasy game. But a fantasy game that feels and plays completely different from all the other fantasy games out there.

WoW has made stronger a dictatorship on the genre. It seems that a fantasy game cannot be different than that very narrow view they have portrayed. It made people blind about what this genre really represents.

I hope that at least Todd McFarlane and Salvatore at GMG open up the genre for something new. They arrived here with a different history behind, and they may have a “fresher”, more faithful point of view. At least from them I expect a fantasy world that isn’t trite.

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