Jumping in the bandwagon

Idiots repeat mistakes.

Not the first time I underline this.

Magnus Bergsson: We will continue developing EVE. We will continue until people stop playing it. That’s basically our commitment to EVE. At the same time I can tell you that CCP is not going to be a single game company. We will have a seperate team working on any other titles that we will be… uh, maybe we are actually working on one right now. Who knows.

I see.

I guess it’s why Kali was delayed once again.

“We will continue until people stop playing it”. That’s the EXACT same type of commitment EA had with Ultima Online, Mythic with DAoC and SOE with Everquest.

They all used the exact same words.

“People playing” DEPEND on the commitment. Not the other way around. FIRST you put there the commitment, THEN people come to play if they decide it’s enough.

If people stop playing it’s because you are accountable. If that was the commitment of CCP with Eve, then the subscribers would have never moved from the disastrous launch of the game. If that’s your commitment today, you suck.

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