Best Q&A ever

Best Q&A ever (on Slashdot, even):

Q: How much economic monitoring do you do?

A: We monitor the economics of the game very closely.

Q: Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently, and when?

A: We learned from those challenges and used that knowledge to improve the game at every opportunity.

Q: What is the process the dev team goes through for balancing character classes, items, NPCs, etc.? Also, How much of an effect does feedback from the community have on this process?

A: Our designers work very hard to try to balance the game. The feedback of our beta testers has always been invaluable.

Q: Are you planning to introduce “events” into the gaming world that would actually shape it permanently, like in Asheron’s call?

A: That’s something we’re looking into.

Q: The early game is brilliant, and playing it was a joy. Why is that so hard to retain in level 60 play?

A: It is difficult to please all gamers all the time.

Q: Would your company encourage, allocate time for and generally nudge willing developers to blog?

A: Huh? We feel that the World of Warcraft community site is a great way to keep gamers up to date and informed about every aspect of World of Warcraft. The forums are also a great place for gamers to express their opinions and give feedback about the game.

Informativeness for the win.

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