Old, silly DAoC’s bug (and interesting poll)

I was logging in to give a look at the new poll but as I launched the patcher I got the message that it couldn’t connect. Without even trying to.

Then I remembered about an old quirk. Early today I launched Outlook Express while not connected. It put it in offline mode.

The bug is: if Outlook Express is in offline mode, DAoC doesn’t connect. I have no clue why this happens but it happens (it’s also easily verifiable). The first time I got this bug I spent HOURS trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with the game.

Of course I voted for the “Evolution Server”. But the point is that I’d like Mythic to focus on something. Anything. And not start to shatter the already small playerbase and their already limited resources on multiple projects that just won’t go anywhere.

Btw, wasn’t the “Evolution Server” also known as “Warhammer”?

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