An Ultima Online story to warm your hearts

Story taken from F13, it doesn’t need particular comments:

I hear from plenty of people who still play UO, and this is just the sort of story F13 loves: The tattered remnant of OSI, borged by EA and forced to live in slavery, recently decided to add to the game some “evil decor” items. A bed of nails, a couch made of bones, a talking mirror, junk for people to lock down in their houses. A bit goofy, perhaps, but far from the stupidest thing they’ve added to the game lately.


These items aren’t craftable. They don’t drop from monsters. They don’t spawn as rares. Nope. Everyone gets a code for one free item, and after that, you buy them from EA directly. Screw playing the game, and screw ebay, they’ll just sell you the shit for three bucks each or twelve bucks for half a dozen. A pretty brazen move to squeeze the dying cash cow for every last drop.


When the patch to enable these items hits the shards, chaos ensues. Nearly every North American shard is knocked offline for hours and hours during primetime. Oops. Par for the course with these asshats, and they quickly come up with an emergency patch to fix everything. The shards come back up and all is well.


There’s a wee bit of the problem with the new patch, in that people are now able to dupe the living shit out of these items. People pay millions and millions of gold for items which they have no idea are actually duped. Well, okay, this is hardly the first time a dupe bug turned up in an MMORPG. A simple revert might piss some people off, but it should fix this problem.


Inexplicably, they don’t do a revert. They just delete all of the new items, and renew all of the codes used to claim them. Ergo anyone who bought an item from another player is just plain fucked in the ass, and the dupers win big-time.

Just thought I would share.

I guess an old “Lum the Mad” rant site focusing on UO would still have plenty of content to play with. The point is… who still cares?

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