FFXI patches the swimsuits and invites the players to cybersexzor

I’m reading too much into this?:

And now it’s time for the main event–“Azimuth Circle”!

Azimuth Circle has rather complex rules, so I’ll have to drill you beforehand, kupo. First off, the game can only be played in pairs–everyone must be in a party of two. So you must begin by searching for a partner. Coupling with a good friend would be ideal, of course. But even if you aren’t exactly the most popular master…no problem! Just ask around, kupo!

End game–the moogle will give you beautiful swimwear to beat the heat as a reward for your efforts! Nothing like going for a dip in the ocean in this scorching weather, kupo!

Anyway, I hope you and your partner become good friends while playing. Maybe you can even invite them to join you again later wearing the rewards you gained from playing. I wonder what games you could play with them then…haw haw… *cough* … *wheez*…!

Well, these sort of events are interesting and I believe a positive way to develop a game outside the psychotic focus on more powerful loot to acquire. This is what transforms a dull, repetitive game into something nearer to a Virtual World. This is also how you relieve directly the stress for more mudflation.

There are better ways to spend constructively the time of the developers. This is one, even if it could seem the exact opposite. It’s the game to set the expectations, not the players. If all you offer is about more grind, the players will ask more and more of it. It’s a vicious circle that noone should second.

EDIT- The last publish is rather interesting. They are finally tweaking some core points like the experience gained and they are also implementing NPC henchmen to assist parties. The fun part is that they seem persistent and will level along with the player.

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