World of Warcraft causes 3rd World War

There’s a fancy Press Release.

So the game reaches two million of paying subscribers. The rumor was already floating around and even SirBruce updated his charts accordingly before the press release.

You know what? Blizzard is done. Done. They can leave completely the game as it is, without a patch for years and they’ll still cash a fuckload of money. They triggered an out-of-scale process that can be exploited without any commitment. They are in a position that will prevent them to pay for their mistakes and it’s exactly the point where something breaks. Now they can fuck the game just for fun and watch the reaction amusedly. Development-wise they are done.

You say that some parts of the game are broken? HA! Two million subscribers. Rimshot.

This game is going to break China. Phenomena like the “Leroy video” demonstated how this game is becoming more than a game and nearer to a cultural symbol outside the boundaries of the game itself. I really don’t know how China will react to this but I’m starting to believe that the third World War will be triggered by a videogame.

Fun times.

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