“Evocare” is PvP Lead Designer on WoW

Nothing is more horribly incestuous than this industry.

12 March of the last year, Tom “Evocare” Chilton, Lead Designer of Ultima Online, leaves EA along with many other devs after the decision to close the Origin studios, in Austin. There were already voices about him joining the World of Warcraft team to work as a Senior Lead Designer.

Today Blizzard publishes another list of excuses to justify that colossal fuckup that the “Honor System” represents. It’s not anymore just “Kalgan”, it’s Tom Chilton. The image header reads: “Insider Interview with a Lead Designer on World of Warcraft”.

He was behind the most awful period of UO (Lord British Return, Age of Shadow). It makes sense, all the pieces are coming together.

Now tell me how can we be surprised if the industry doesn’t even offer NEW screwups.

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