Guessing the Honor System and Tigole dancing as a clown

I wish I had more time to follow World of Warcraft because lots of hilarious things are happening. For example, one week after it went live, noone still is able to understand how this fucked up Honor system works. No, really.

My stats:
54 warrior – Mannoroth
1941 Contribution Points
1368 Standing
76 HK
Rank 2

Zergablility: 25.5

I introduce this new value called “zergability” and it’s interesting. You obtain it by dividing your total contribution points of the week for the total of Honorable Kills and you get the average of contrib points per single kill. If you have an high value it means that you are koool and skillful and artsy killer. If you have a low value you are a zergaholic spawn of hell. What’s your Zergability value?

But lets go back to the topic. Still today noone knows how this Honor System is working. Oh yes, we know roughly how we are supposed to behave and we learnt new exciting features, like the fact that if you do not pass a minimum threshold the server laughs at you and points you back to kindergarten, wiping happily your risible progress. But noone still knows how the ranks are calculated. As I logged into the game both the Stormwind and Ironforge chats were filled of fancy guesswork. Some believe that Blizzard hardlocked the ranks above the fourth, some believe that you need to stay at a rank for “x” weeks before having the possibility to step higher, some believe that there’s a minimum threshold of points to pass, some noticed the odd power curve, some thought about a mix of all these possibilities. Some also noticed that the levels of the characters prevent the players to achieve ranks. Even if you got the points you won’t pass a rank if you are below level 30 and you’ll also rank below an higher level character even if you have collected more points. It makes sense. Yes, sure.

Why the FUCK we need this guesswork? Why Blizzard cannot reveal the rules of a system we are supposed to play with? How are these ranks working? How will work the decay rate of honor? What are the requirements for each rank? What’s the impact of the level of the character on the ranking system? How the rest system of honor points is supposed to work? What’s the minimum threshold of points to pass to not have the progress wiped?


It’s simply ridiculous, unimaginable. You take the common sense and draw the purest from of satire from it. An hoax. It breaks all the basic lessons of game design. It dances on them.

Oh, and let me anticipate what will happen next. Because stating what is under the eyes of everyone is just boring and pointless (at least if you aren’t a wonderful reporter):
The battlegrounds won’t be the solution to all the problems. They’ll bring their own stack of problems (queues, unbalances, pointless goals, no depth, repetitiveness, lag and more). They’ll ruin even more the game, not make it better. They’ll be another magistral fuck up.

With fireworks.

The other topic is Tigole dancing as a clown. Before the patch that introduced the two outdoor raid bosses the worries were rather obvious:

Will players train Kazzak or Azuregos to towns and grief people?

Of course not. That’s obvious, it’s the first thing they made sure to not happen. Here’s Tigole:

They are pretty hard to train.

Yes, see Lord Kazzak on a stroll around Stormwind. On the live servers (Kel’Thuzad).

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