Working with expensive tools

After I finished there following a link at N3rfed I’m still reading the Fires of Heaven forum. I like them because they are becoming the waterthread of the poor. It’s not like you find valuable and interesting commentary but it works nicely as a “catch all” message board. Plus they are able, sometimes, to summarize a concept with a single line of text. This is an example:

Within its style and genre of graphics, EQ2 simply sucks. I don’t care what people think of WoW, EQ2’s graphics are simply like the product of a child working with expensive tools.

Which is even better and more direct that the quote I saved from Haemish long ago:

If your 3d artists are mediocre, as these guys are, if they cannot imbue the art with a sense of style, the models will be bland suckage. Numbers (i.e. math and high-level abstract technical shit) is not pretty.

These things draw particularly my attention because it’s between my flaws. To explain the exact same concept I’d need the proverbial “wall-of-text”. I suck.

(btw, this is also a memo. I have to post a -lighter- follow up to the Mudflation article. Because there are possible and viable solutions to that problem that would give a nice push to the whole genre. Luckily I have also a concrete example this time: Eve-Online.)

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