Exploit it all till it’s legal

Then, maybe, someone will wake up.

Someone on the boards reported another, rather relevant, exploit for the paladin class:

1- click divine favor

2- select a target and use holy light or flash of light on them

3- as soon as the light lands on them, press x to crouch

4- one second later, stand up (I do it by tapping w to move forward real quick)

5- your divine favor will still be up and you can get more critical heals for free…
It is very easy to land in 3 critical holy lights and if you are good you can land in a critical flash of light on top of that…all for NO mana…making other healers look like fools!

over 8000hp healing for no mana anyone?

Luckily we have a diligent player here, so she reported this directly to a GM. Here’s the result:

At first when I told this to the GM he said: the spell is working as intended thank you and bye…
I was like…wtf dude, the spell does NOT work as intended! please read!!!

At one point I even got threatened to be actioned for reporting this bug

If the same thing happened to me I’d have taken a screenshot with the proof of what the GM said. Start to exploit it savagely and spread the knowledge.

It’s about time that these companies *value* the help coming from the players. If they do not, they should be repaid with the same behaviour.

The removal of /bug and /suggest thanks you again. Still a great idea.

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