Guild Wars glitches

I’m having fun playing Guild Wars. The world preview is open for everyone for the next few days, so go on and download the client. All the content will be streamlined dynamically to your hard disk.

While I play I always take notes about bugs and glitches and I’m going to paste here those I’ve gathered during my very first mission. So I somewhat feel like it was useful.

– Huge rubberbanding when moving around/near objects and during combat
– Twitch combat is interesting but not really reliable. If you do tricky things, like moving left and then moving back right before a range projectile lands, you won’t get hit, even if graphically you are
– 80% of the graphic shinies are simply there as fluff. Not much is actually used as “game”. The actual gameplay offered, in fact, is rather bland with a minimal interaction/exploration
– Too simplicistic interface (and too big and childish, like the icons), no performance monitor to check the lag, no options to change the fonts or adjust elements of the UI (the chat is really hard to follow), no possibility to remove UI and have a full screen clean render, too many controls not mapped (like the control of the camera), the party window is too huge
– During the combat I have no clue about how my spells are doing. For example I cannot understand when I get interrupted. I keep missing good feedback, like a “system window” showing and logging damage values and the like
– The animations are smooth but I don’t like the style and when moving the characters look too silly, in particular when you change direction sharply (going backwards look like “moonwalker” rather than a real guy walking backwards), the feet slide too much innaturally on the terrain, both while moving and while combat/cast animations are performed
– The footstep graphic effect is too marked
– Annoying sound bug: if two effects are played at the same time, the sound comes out loud
– No “splash” graphic effect when running on the water
– Graphic bug with the horizon line. Out of sight structures fade in as black blocks, then they disappear when the engine realizes they are still too far away to be shown
– No “quit” button to press. I always fear to shut down the client sharply after years of long log outs
– The “Edit account” option window is bugged graphically (misaligned parts)
– Cloaks on NPC get bugged graphically

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