EA spying Blizzard


I’m currently downloading the 2Gb of WoW’s client and I have to use a program to manual terminate TCP connections because the client is a disaster and doesn’t work in another way on my computer. Well, while shutting down connections here and there I’m able to see really strange IP downloading the same file from Blizzard tracker and one of them was ending with “ea.com”.

Many eyes are on this game :)

EDIT: Okay, this is funny. Just switched to the monitor to see “us.atari.com”. For the sake of the statistics I also see an humongous number of “comcast” and “cox” connections.

EDIT2: Also Lucasfilm is downloading now…

EDIT3: Sony joins the fun as I finish the download.

FUCK YOU BLIZZARD! – (for the lamest patch system of the history)

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