Nearly on the point…

…of jumping on EverQuest for a full year (I’m nearly EQ-virgin).

Lately I’ve “met” Rod Humble on QT3 forum and he seems quite intelligent.

What is happening in EQ is starting to really seduce me. They rebuilt the engine and now they added a new tutorial for newbies and new ways to speed up the treadmill. Each of these new decisions seems really inrteresting for me.

In particular I’m reading Mobhunter’s last update and I can see many good things happening to the game.

I really hope that the staff behind Rob will be able to be better responsive to the problems that the playerbase is pointing. I’m noticing a new trend and the only bad part is about what happened around GoD expansion. Exactly and precisely what happened to Mythic with Trials of Atlantis.

If Sony is able to give a good answer to that I think that EQ will see a new strenght. And it will need that when WoW will be released.

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