Mythic put up a patch to the previous one which generated the feedback you can find around here.

This new patch is an absurd, insanely complex system with a new series of mini-timesinks worst than before. But it has the pill to make the playerbase shut up:
You’ll earn a few Realm Points while dead.

Only a single intelligent and honest player has been able to see through the trickery:

All I see here is that my wizard will get more RP’s than he is used to because he will get them while dead.

I imagined that my feedback couldn’t go anywhere but the actual result made me feel really cheated and depressed.

Even more frustrated when I read Sanya’s words: overall more fair and fun.

Laying on the ground, dead. Fun.

But you receive RPs. Ahhh, the treadmill. The excuse of the shit of the world.

We want achievement. We don’t want to interact, we seek to climb the social and (enter x here) ladder. I wonder what happens when our culture stops judging its achivements by ladders (i.e. college and business rank, etc) and instead do what they want?

This is Galt. The whole thing makes me feel so disgusted.

Even games have responsibilities. We are teaching everyone how the world is shit. Instead of doing something to move things somewhere else.

Toward an healthy competition.

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