The magic is vanishing

I spent a few hours playing World of Warcraft and dinged level 35. My faith and passion for the game is slowly drifting away. Partly because of the disaffection resulting from their choice of local servers, partly because of my mood, partly because I logged in the game to find that the 50+ bugs I reported in the previous phase are still there. Well, there’s a lot to discuss but I feel again like just wasting my time.

Anyway, all the new parts of the new PC have arrived aside the case. Something changed in the configuration, I hope for the better.

Now I’m heading off to buy the Sims 2… while I keep downloading bits of the expansion for SWG.

You know? With the disaffection from WoW I may go back to DAoC. At least I’m able to play without committing credit card fraud.

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