Well, map attempt failed

I started to play a roguelike-like called Legerdemain.

Not only because it seems great but also because I wanted to try to map the whole thing into a huge, flat plane. I think the partial “collage” I posted before looks amazing and I want so much to have it complete and use it as a source of endless inspiration.

The problem is that the game is restricted to a very small window, and taking screenshots to then assemble them in a big map is really complicate and time consuming. This is just one dungeon level. Actually it’s the TUTORIAL dungeon and it’s one level of total three (actually it’s just two, I think. My bad, I started a while ago). There’s not so much to find here, but it still takes a whole lot of time to explore fully, and there are still a couple of areas locked behind a door, and I’m not entirely sure if there’s a way to clear the rubble that walls certain other areas…


I’m also not playing fair and save scumming like crazy. I might play a bit recklessly but I died hundreds of times already and I have no idea how one would be able to play properly and restart every time from scratch. I know the game actually has a save system, but I still haven’t found it yet. Monsters aren’t very strong, but at the beginning the combat is very random so depending how the rolls go I can take no damage at all or risk death if I try to push my luck too much. While also needing to keep an eye on consumables like food and torches.

This game does a lot of things that my ideal game would be based on too. The levels might be a little wasteful and the combat bland, but that’s a good reason why this game exist and mine won’t even get close to plausibility.

I’ll keep playing, but obviously it’s not possible to take screenshots to assemble them. This game defies manual mapping, even if it would look amazing.

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