The Witcher 3 and technical exploitation

Still quite a bit of noise on the Internet between those who still protest about downgrades and those who think the game looks beautiful and the graphic isn’t the whole deal, anyway. Not noticing that the two positions aren’t antithetic, but compatible.

And because I believe they are compatible, something needs still to be said about this downgrade, in particular to show how very, very far the game ended up from its expected fall point:

1- CDP always denied a downgrade, or even the possibility of one.
2- Just a couple of weeks before release they claimed the game would run on Ultra PC settings + Hariworks enabled at locked 60 FPS.

In the end not only the two individual claims were completely false, and DELIBERATELY false. Intended to be false in order to misdirect customers. But not only that, it’s the SUM of the two that should tell you how far they are from their claim.

Look at this Eurogamer article:

If you scroll you can see:
Core i7 4790K, Ultra Settings, No HairWorks 1080p Low/Avg FPS
GeForce GTX 980 4GB 49.0 / 65.8

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