Randomness being too random

I just noticed this interesting line in Darkest Dungeon patch notes:

  • Selective RNG shaping and tuning to prevent unintended edge cases.

The problem of Random Number Generation is always an interesting one in games. Even after coding a rather advanced and rigid system in my roguelike project I still had the feeling that numbers weren’t quite as random as they should be.

But that’s the point: it’s the human perception to be broken.

So that’s the idea behind “RNG shaping”. You add non-random rules to randomness so that, for example, you won’t get ten “tails” in a Heads or Tails game. Because if that happened you’d think the game isn’t really working.

Accurate randomness would make randomness feeling not enough random. So we shape it to make it work more like our broken perception of it :)

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