Updating All The Things – 2

Since the provider moved to a new Linux distribution, last year, I had to work to unfuck the site. It was using an old version of Drupal that was also modified by me, updating to newer versions has never been possible because it meant losing a lot of the custom features I needed. So all the work was about making that old piece of software run anyway despite a rising number of incompatibilities and problems everywhere (can’t expect things to run smoothly when you are using server software that is almost nine years old).

I actually succeeded, in the last few months the site was up as it always was, but it was kind of annoying keeping it that way since every time there was some database reboot I had to manually update certain things to make it run again. So every few hours I had to check to make sure the site was alive.

Now I finally completed the process. Both my sites (this and loopingworld.com) are now on WordPress and no more running on ancient software (still, my nine years old engine runs several times faster than this up-to-date WordPress despite LOTS more database queries and overall more complexity, don’t ask me why). The links should be preserved, so old links should work and point to the proper corresponding wordpress entry. The database was ported over, but of course not perfectly. I think categories were turned into tags and there might be more weirdness.

Locally I also keep a working copy of the old site, but it will stay hidden for the public. At least I don’t need to kick it alive once a day as I had to do lately.

Maybe I’ll try to de-uglify the theme at some point (I eventually did, and what you see is how the site will look for now).

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