The oracle says: The Elder Scrolls Online

– Yes, I’ve seen the beta.
– I will only speak generally, to respect the NDA.
– What I found was actually better than what I expected after reading leaks and other forums discussions before I got into beta. This game’s reputation is rather awful out there.

The problem isn’t that everyone is now bored of playing MMORPGs, it’s instead that in the last few years MMORPGs have been gutted of all their potential and appeal.

We’ve got more and more single-player games that are offering interesting sandboxes, instead we get MMORPGs that are more linear than single-player games. That’s what is wrong.

So what’s the reason why someone should play a MMORPG? Only one: the appeal of “lots of content”, because that’s the idea that comes with every MMORPG. You play for hundreds of hours. But these days all that translates into: “I’m going to play for 200 hours this extremely dull combat, yay?” …Why? It all really comes down to this. It sounds more like torture than something you’d want to do. We get so many good games that the idea of spending hundreds of hours into DULL linear gameplay isn’t appealing for anyone. It’s just a single-player game, but WORSE. It’s just the same awful combat of Skyrim, but WORSE, because it’s online and with the online “features”: like lag, absence of collision and so on. Skyrim combat is already awful, so now it’s much worse! Good job! Everyone will love this absolutely!

That’s ultimately ESO’s challenge: demonstrate it’s not just an Elder Scroll game, but, oh, so much worse BECAUSE it has all the INCONVENIENCES of being online.

Or: ESO is worse than Skyrim proportionally to its MMORPG features & design forced into it. You get EVERYTHING you learned to hate after years of bad MMORPGs, concentrated into an Elder Scroll game, to ruin it.

Either the developers know how to answer this, or they don’t. And they don’t have a lot of time left.

Instead, why would YOU buy another Skyrim that has become several times worse because of its port to a classic MMORPG, and that not only costs you full price, but also $15 a month?


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