Half a step from the Truth

Still reading pages of “The Tyranny of the Night” instead of reading pages of “The Way of Kings”. Still relatively non-spoiler and safe to read since this is still < 30 pages.

He had seen it happen. He was ancient enough to have known many of the people featured in the more familiar sagas. He had helped create several larger-than-life reputations. Exaggerate a little here, overlook something there. There was no absolute Truth or absolute Reality, anyway. Truth was whatever the majority on hand agreed that it was. Real Truth was egalitarian and democratic and not at all compelled to correspond to the world in any useful way. Truth had no respect whatsoever for Right, What’s Best, or Needs Must. Real Truth was a dangerous beast in need of caging in even the quietest of times.

Ask any prince or priest.

Truth was the First Traitor.

Half a step short of discovering Final Truth, Briga tumbled into the realm of alcoholic dream.

What this Final Truth may be?

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