We are made to be rich, can you please bend over?

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is one wonderful game with competent game design and a perfect pacing (online). Technically it has a bunch of issues and the PC port isn’t as well done as claimed, but when it works it’s awesome.

Yet EA, the publisher, is always a mix of great things just next to very awful things. DLCs in general have been the new strategy of publisher to “deliver less for more”. Meaning that over time we get less and less for more money and incomplete products. It means the business plan comes way ahead of the game. DLCs are also becoming a piracy boost since the player feels he cannot purchase anymore a full package buying the game, so diminishing the value of what they can get, while enhancing the value and desirability of a pirated product that can be fully updated and complete.

The latest trick is to make players pay for beta tests and then again for the full game:

the plan is to release PDLC at $15 that has 3-4 hours of gameplay, so [it has] a very high perceived value, then [EA will] take the feedback from the community (press and players) to tweak the follow-on full game that will be released at a normal packaged price point.

EA’s view is that the PDLC costs a lot less to develop (essentially, it’s the first few levels of the full-blown game), and they have the opportunity to fix whatever needs to be fixed in the packaged product that is released a few months later.

You businessmen are so smart!

the line between packaged product sales and digital revenues would soon begin to blur, as EA intends to exploit all of its packaged games with ancillary digital revenue streams.

EA is surely convinced they are going to be richer than ever, because they are so smart.

So smart that they can brag proudly about all this.

We’ve been wrong about this stock for almost five years. Either we’re stupid, stubborn, or unlucky, but we’ve been wrong. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, each time hoping for a different result.

But this time it’s different. THIS TIME THEY ARE RIGHT!

This time, while we are again hoping for a different result, we see evidence that the company is not doing the same things over and over again: lower headcount, fewer facilities, fewer games, a greater use of outsourcing” the analyst said. “This time, we think that EA is on the right path.”

Thanks for your contribute to make this industry worse.

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