Lost, end of 5

I did enjoy watching the season finale, but if I think about it it was one of the worse episodes since the very beginning.

My enjoyment mostly depended from good pacing and screenplay. Once again Lost had an execution that was superior to the actual merits. I only expected (and pretended) one thing from this finale: that it told us if the incident was meant to reproduce “things as we know them” or if the losties were successful to change the timeline.

Well, the finale is everything BUT that. There are three different meaningful segments. The first that introduces Jacob and anti-Jacob, the second with the losties and their attempt to explode the bomb in the past, and a third in the future (of whatever timeline) with Lock now duplicating himself.

There isn’t much to say about the first and last segment. All the elements introduced are new, showing us a whole new story to retcon with all we’ve seen up to this point. So we got a new factional split (Jacob, anti-Jacob) that we need to include in the already chaotic scenario. This part could be the interesting part, but you can see now the discussion in the forums, all the arguing on the new elements sounds ridicule at best. I swear, if Lost didn’t work to bring up to this point, NO ONE would watch the show on the premises we have now. Egyptian gods who fish in the ocean and have extremely improbable dialogues. Resurrections. Evil clones. Apparitions.

If there’s one thing where Lost succeeded is in making us bite onto all this without too many concerns. Take it seriously. This is the MOST RIDICULE plot ever. Yet we are able to chat, between us, like it’s something “serious”.

The second chunk with the losties is fun to watch, but, really, think about it. It’s the worst writing ever. A bunch of unbelievable motivations only to create improbable attrition between the cast. None of what was shown was important if not to delay some more what everyone knew was going to happen anyway. It was all drama around the characters. Juliet changing idea, the silly testosterone brawl between Sawyer and Jack, more blood. How much blood Jack lost in the last two episodes? A change of scenes and blood becomes make-up to make these faces more ‘seasoned’. The love tension between Jack and Kate when they chat amiably while Sayid is dying in the van. The intense looks. And finally the drama scene between Sawyer and Juliet while he tries to desperately save her. How all fucking gratuitous.

Soap-opera grandmas are pointing their fingers and laughing at all of us. Soap-operas nowadays have more dignity than that. We got a collection of everything awful in this show, glazed anew with typical scenes and dialogues that are cut & pasted from the most trite tradition without any effort.

And then we got more mumbo-jumbo about Locke and evil-Locke, Jacob and anti-Jacob (conveniently dressed too). Simply put: more nonsense. Here they lost me, because I’m really not interested about what they are doing here. The whole thing about the Dharma, the experiment, the weird apparitions and so on were engaging and interesting. Now it’s all collapsing into a big joke. A messy pile where they put everything nerdy they could find. The pretense of believability, that was the quality at the base of this show, has blown up into nonsense.

If I have to guess the anti-Jacob is also the smoke monster, who is also evil-Locke. Jacob enjoys messing with people, while anti-Jacob is the one who prefers being left alone and would like as well to get rid of Jacob and enjoy a quiet life.

In short, we got all the hints that the last season will be a disaster.

(of course there’s only one foot left of the statue, it’s all unbalanced on the front. It’s a miracle that it stays up like that)

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