Tor: stop acting like clowns

A Memory of Light rant part 3.

Considering how things are going, an advice to Sanderson: just shut the fuck up. It’s better.

After Tom Doherty “expressed his happiness” about how much it is cool to split a book in three (and multiply the cost for customers by the same number), and both him and Harriet tried to deceive and excuse the split by stating wrongfully that it couldn’t be made, while avoiding to answer why it couldn’t be split in two.

Now we got another blog from Sanderson explain how everyone should be grateful to Tor and Tom Doherty:

Tor is going to have to pay overtime at the printer in order to get it out in November.


How could I ever doubted of the fairness, moral integrity and dedication of a so great publisher -not publisher, SAINT- who’s willingly to pay overtime at the printers so that they could deliver this precious book to us in November? How?

How could such an extraordinary feat be achieved? Delivering a book in, let’s count, more than seven months?

I’ll tell you how. This is from Martin:

I am trying to finish the book by June. I think I can do that. If I do, A DANCE WITH DRAGONS will likely be published in September or October.

If he finishes the book in June, he expects it to be in the shops for SEPTEMBER OR OCTOBER. That’s three or four months.

Erikson is in a similar situation. He’s yet to finish the book and the publisher still aims for a release the first week of September.

INCREDIBLE! Two miracles!

Or maybe this is the kind of extraordinary feat is the norm in the industry as they are expected to do a good job, and not just a poor one. And surely those publishers aren’t going around bragging about how they can publish a book in seven months. Because doing a good work is not extraordinary, but it’s what you expect from an industry that doesn’t try to aim for mediocrity.

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