Famous Last (Lost) Words

Damon Lindelof talking about Lost (TV) mythology, some time ago:

“We’re still trying to be … firmly ensconced in the world of science fact,” he said in an interview. “I don’t think we’ve shown anything on the show yet … that has no rational explanation in the real world that we all function within. We certainly hint at psychic phenomena, happenstance and … things being in a place where they probably shouldn’t be. But nothing is flat-out impossible. There are no spaceships. There isn’t any time travel.”

Then I guess I’m quite right when I said that Lost degraded into a silly sci-fi hack as an excuse to pan the plot further.

The last season is entirely a jump on the place. No going forward. The last episode (“He’s Our You”) was splendidly written and executed. But it was also a fraud.

There’s only one true theme in this show, self-referential and metalinguistic: it’s about the vanity of its writers. It’s about how much and for how long they can cheat you.

Masterful work.

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