Ganoes Paran

Beautiful passage from Memories of Ice:

Aye, the truth of it. I won’t be collared, Nightchill. And I tell you this, now, and you’d do well to take heed of these words. I’m taking a step forward. Between you and every mortal like me. I don’t know what that man Gruntle had to lose, to arrive where you wanted him, but I sense the wounds in him – Abyss take you, is pain your only means of making us achieve what you want? It seems so. Know this, then: until you can find another means, until you can show me another way – something other than pain and grief – I’ll fight you.

Told to a God, it makes quite an effect.

Which isn’t the case of Kruppe, who has already the favor of a God:

‘Cheats? Gods forbid! What hapless victims are witness to on this night of nights is naught but cosmic sympathy for worthy Kruppe.’

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