Quote from The Steel Remains

Just a random quote:

At his side, Milacar sighed. ‘The Committee for Public Morals is not dependent on Kaad for its venom, nor was it ever. There’s a general hate in the hearts of men. You went to war, Gil, you should know that better than anyone. It’s like the heat of the sun. Men like Kaad are just the focal figures, like lenses to gather the sun’s rays on kindling. You can smash a lens, but that won’t put out the sun.’
‘No. Makes it a lot harder to start the next fire, though.’
‘For a little while, yes. Until the next lens, or the next hard summer, and then the fires begin again.’
‘Getting a bit fucking fatalistic in your old age, aren’t you?’ Ringil nodded out over the mansion lights. ‘Or does that just come with the move upriver?’
‘No, it comes with living long enough to appreciate the value of the time you’ve got left. Long enough to recognize the fallacy of a crusade when you’re called to one. Hoiran’s teeth, Gil, you’re the last person I should need to be telling this to. Have you forgotten what they did with your victory?’

I’m enjoying a lot the book. Not for any particular new idea or approach, but it’s just fun to read and makes you want keep turning the pages and go on.

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