Toll the Hounds in stock

Toll the Hounds is being shown as “in stock” at

This is the eighth book in the Malazan series. It will be published by Tor in the US only in September, and this UK edition is for the first time hardcover-only, with a trade paperback coming out in October.

The last time for Reaper’s Gale mass market edition I had the book in preorder at Amazon, but had to cancel and make a new order for them to notice the book was in stock and could be shipped (ahead of time). This time too the book arrived soon (it is supposed to come out officially the first of July) and my order can’t be modified because it’s been processed, so I hope it will be shipped on Monday.

Anyway, I’ll get this hardcover edition just for the fetish of it, as I’m still faaaar from book 8 and I’ll surely get the mass market UK edition when it comes out next year to have the whole collection in the same format.

UPDATE: To say the book was shipped to me and that is currently ranked #1 on amazon in fantasy bestsellers, #20 for books in general. No idea how amazon can be relevant, especially on a list updated hourly, but it doesn’t seem bad at all for the eighth book in a series sold in hardcover only.

UPDATE2: I’m seeing TTH still ranked #1 for fantasy and #8 for books in general.

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