PvP rule number one

Just to reiterate:

Systems like PvP escalate and specialize over time. This always means that it gets harder and harder for new players to breach in easily.

Veterans will find ways to stay IN the system, by consolidating their victory margins.

My point is: you need a PvP system that keeps entry costs low *for noobs*.

Where instead Eve-Online’s PvP lowers costs for veterans and makes them higher for noobs (as you are “paid” only when you are moving toward a decent victory ratio).

You absolutely need, in order to make it viable, a system that leverages new players.

Discussing all this I think: why I have to repeat these basic lessons all over again? Because we’ve been through this.

Blizzard, with WoW, already put in practice that rule in a perfect way. PvP is accessible to everyone and maintains low entry costs. So we are already there.

But that’s counterbalanced by the fact that WoW’s PvP is shallow and lacking any depth due to the overall layer being completely absent. Not the meaningfulness of the death penalties, but that of the conquest system and overall cooperation toward communal goals and a degree of persistence.

WoW got one part. Eve-Online has the other.

We got 1 and 1 in two different games. And we need someone who can do a 1 + 1.


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